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Vale's Artichoke Extra capsules

Vale's Artichoke Extra capsules

    Vale's Artichoke Extra is commonly used with conventional medicines from centuries, in order to cure the gallbladder and liver disorders arraying from gallstones prevention, dyspepsia, as well as those in relation to alcoholism, chronic albuminuria, arteriosclerosis, anemia, high cholesterol, diabetes and kidney disorders. The main ingredients of Vale's Artichoke Extra include Turmeric and Artichoke Extra.

The liver's natural functioning is seen to be deteriorating due to modern day diet, which tends to be very high in saturated fats, unsound habits as well as open to environmental pollutants and toxins. The result of following poor habits leads to rise in blood cholesterol levels, plaque filled up arteries and high triglyceride levels. Vale's Artichoke Extra comes as a rescue, since the extracts used in the making has established the potential to stimulate the re-formation of the liver cells. Additionally, it assists in increasing the discharge of bile from the liver and also, detoxifies the liver that in turn results in low cholesterol levels in blood, at the same time decreases the blood sugar levels. Vale's Artichoke Extra supports a good and healthy functioning of the liver and also, controls the cholesterol levels.

Directions of Use:
Vale's Artichoke Extra is similar to a food supplement and hence, requires to be taken as prescribed. One capsule ahead of every meal or together 2-3 capsules before going to bed.

It is suggested to take the help of medical practitioner, ahead of making use of this product, for nursing or pregnant women. Vale's Artichoke Extra is not made to cure, diagnose or treat any disease in particular.

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