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Vale's Solution 4X (Citrus Flavor)

Vale's Solution 4X (Citrus Flavor)

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    Vale's Solution 4X is prepared with the special mixture of vitamins such as Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine, Cyanocobalamin, Thiamin and creatine plus minerals. It is thin and is very easy to drink. It is mainly prepared for those people who are overweight or have higher level of toxins in the body. Vale's Solution 4X can be used as general cleansing program on the targeted day or once a month. It is prepared with less than 50% carbohydrates than Vale's Triple Strength Formula from Solution 4x Formula, which provides the essential nutrients to support a healthy detoxification in the body. Vale's Solution 4X comes in Ultra-Violet secured packaging, so as to ensure a greater satisfaction. Vale's Solution 4X supplies energy and prevents the body from the burning of fat cells for up to 6 hrs and it is easy to use, safe and not traceable.

Direction of Use:

Vale's Solution 4X is recommended to be consumed with the proper directions, so as to have an effective result and the following are some guidance:

1. Avoid alcoholic drinks and physical medication, at least 48 hours previous to the consumption of this product.
2. Drink six to eight 12 ounces of water per day.
3. 3 hrs before, do not take a heavy meal. Instead, go for light meal such as dry toast, crackers or cereal.
4. Vale's Solution 4X bottle is advised to shake well before consumption.
5. After 30 mins intake 16-20 ounces water.


It is recommended for the nursing or pregnant women, to consult a medical practitioner before making use of Vale's Solution 4X.

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