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Super Quick Caps - Herbal Detox

Super Quick Caps -  Herbal Detox

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    Super Quick Caps are made up with the combined power of Creatine, Protein and Vitamin B alongwith strong mixture of natural herbs such as Slippery Elm Bark, Alfalfa Leaf and Uva Ursi Leaf. The capsules help in flushing the unwanted toxins from the body through the urinary tract. It is suggested to intake Super Quick Caps on the desired day planned for cleansing of urine. The Super Quick Caps starts working in merely 45 mins and tolerates the usual level of pollutants, such as traces of marijuana, drugs, THC, nicotine, chemical, cocaine, biological and other such environmental contaminants and unhealthy materials. After consuming the capsules and urinating frequently, the level of toxins lowers significantly in the body for a maximum of 5 hrs duration. Super Quick Caps provides more than 99.9% satisfaction during urine drug testing. For ensuring the higher success rate of cleansing, it is advised to have Pre-Tox Master Concentrated Capsules ahead of the intake of Super Quick Caps or, make it a part of routine cleaning program.

Constituents of Super Quick Caps:

The ingredients of Super Quick Caps include Riboflavin, Creatine, Soy Protein, Potassium, Alfalfa Leaf, Uva Ursi Powder and Slippery Elm Bark.

Directions of Use:

1. Intake all four Super Quick Capsules with 24 oz of water.
2. Relax for 15 mins, and intake another 24 ounces of water.

Useful Hints:

1. Do not consume any unhealthy toxins, at least 24 to 48 hrs ahead of using Super Quick Caps.
2. Avoid eating heavy meals ahead of the intake of capsules.
3. Strictly do not intake excessive water, following the intake of Super Quick Caps.
4. An individual is suggested to drink excessive water if desired, ahead of initiating the Super Quick Caps cleansing.


1. The effect of Super Quick Caps is temporary and therefore, an individual needs to properly time the use of it.
2. Super Quick Caps is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women. Individuals with gallbladder or kidney disorders also need not use this product. Prolonged use of this product is not suggested.

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