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Cleansing Program for Urine, Blood, Saliva and Hair

Cleansing Program for Urine, Blood, Saliva and Hair

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leansing Program for Urine, Blood, Saliva and Hair is developed for individuals who are not aware of the kind of test that they will be undergoing. Also, people interested in complete body cleansing can make use of this outstanding collection of the products. Hair-Urine-Blood Cleansing Program guarantees 100% toxin free body after the successful completion of the program. The program comprises of Zydot Natural Blend Cleansing Natural Tea, Test Pass Shampoo, QPretox Capsules, 24 oz. of Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus bottle, 1 box of Aqua Clean Cleansing system and 1 Home Test Kit. Hair-Urine-Blood Cleansing Program is a complete body cleansing program combined with the best shampoo for cleaning the body systems everlastingly. The product promises complete and permanent cleansing of the body, unless new toxins get re-introduced.

Directions of Use:

Begin the pre-cleansing program, with the intake of QPretox Caps 3 capsules, within a time gap of every 4 hrs for initial six days. It is advised to drink minimum of 2 cups of Zydot Natural Blend Cleansing Natural Tea every day until the day you desire to be clean.

  • Deadline Day:
  1. Drink all the contents of Zydot Ultimate 24 Plus bottle, about 2 hrs ahead of the dead line at a steady and relax pace. For next 30 mins, it is advised to relax in order to let the body discharge toxins and fluids through frequent urination. The peak effectiveness of the product is within 1-6 hrs after the intake.
  2. An individual requires conducting a self-test by using THC Marijuana Test Device, following the instructions mentioned in the package.
  3. If the results are unsatisfactory, 60 mins previous to the time desired for cleansing intake Aqua Clean tablets. Take 1 tablet and drop into 20 ounces water. Allow the tablet to get completely dissolved, afterwards drink the entire 20 ounces water. Wait for 15 minutes before repeating the procedure. Aqua Clean Cleansing System gets effective within an hour and remains in effect till 5 hrs.
  • Test Pass Shampoo requires to be used approximately 2 hrs ahead of taking the test:
  1. Agitate the bottle of Test Pass Shampoo well, previous to every use. Apply the shampoo and massage a half of the bottle contents on the scalp, following towards the outer ends of the hair. Make certain to cover complete portion, especially the hair on the back of the neck.
  2. Cover the head with a shower cap and keep on massaging the scalp occasionally. Allow the hair to stand for at least 4 mins. Follow the same procedure with the rest of shampoo.
  3. Test Pass Shampoo remains effective for approximately 4 to 5 hrs, before the blood flowing through the body system restores back the toxins in the hair. Use of additional hair care conditioners or products is not recommended.
  • Useful Hints:
  1. A vital step in cleansing procedure is to urinate as frequently as possible.
  2. It is advised to consume sufficient amount of water, several days ahead of Emergency flush.
  3. Do not consume any unwanted toxins, at 48 hrs ahead of desired time of cleanse. The longer the time gap the better it is.
  4. The effects of some products included into the Hair-Urine-Blood Cleansing Programs are temporary in nature and hence, care needs to be taken to schedule consumption of the products at a proper time.

It is suggested to take the help of a medical practitioner, ahead of making use of this product in case of nursing or pregnancy.

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