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At Home Hair Follicle Test Kit

At Home Hair Follicle Test Kit

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Majority of people test themselves from time to time for either themselves or other purposes. The Home Hair Test is one of the tests conveniently designed to test for toxins within your hair follicles. It comes included with everything you need, including a self-addressed envelope, which sends your sample to a private lab in Ohio for confidential results. The instructions are easy to obtain, and results are given 48 hours after the lab receives the sample.

This kit contains the following products, which are needed to provide a proper sample:

A hair follicular drug test specimen pouch
A specimen pouch
A self-addressed envelope
A easy to follow instructions
A chain of custody form

Include a Hair Clip and a pair Scissors of your own for sanitary assurance .

Follow these steps when put your sample together:

Begin by clipping your with the hair clip as close to your scalp as you can get. Remember that you will need 80-120 strands of hair. With your own scissors, cut your hair as close to the scalp as possible without puncturing yourself. Carefully place the roots on the collection foil. Fold the foil once down the middle and then once again in lengthwise.

Place your sample carefully in the specimen pouch. Fill out all of the paperwork that is enclosed in the kit, place sample and paperwork in the self-addressed envelope, and mail out as soon as possible. Please allow 48 hours after the lab receives your hair sample for proficient results. They can be given either over the phone or sent via mail.

Attention: Please follow the instructions carefully in filing out the Chain of Custody form and preparing the specimen. If any mistakes are made, the laboratory will not be able to perform the test, and we will not held responsible.

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