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Quick Fix Unisex Synthetic Urine (pre-mixed 3oz size bottle)

Quick Fix Unisex Synthetic Urine (pre-mixed 3oz size bottle)

    Quick Fix Unisex Synthetic Urine is prepared to secure the privacy in the time of Urinary drugs test such as THC, Cocaine, ecstasy, Marijuana and other pollutants or for nicotine tests. QUICK FIX can be used by males as well as females to successfully clear nicotine for drug tests. To make sure a successful analysis of a urine test, QUICK FIX includes all those components, which are usually in Urine, and it has a well-balanced pH, Creatinine, particular gravity and other characteristics of Urine. The bottle of QUICK FIX comes along with the temperature band attached to it and a heating pad, which is there to make sure that the test is performed at the temperature level of the body.

Directions of Use:

In order to pass a Drug or nicotine test, there are certain procedures to be followed, they are mentioned below:

1. Just add the QUICK FIX bottle contents into a cup of urine, at the convenient place of drug or nicotine test.
2. Be sure that the sample is at the proper temperature ranging from 94-100F.
3. For the initial heat, the QUICK FIX bottle is suggested to be kept in microwave for 10 sec.
4. Make sure to open the pouch before heating, to release the pressure.
5. Once heated, lock up the cap and agitate the bottle well.
6. Repeat the process, if the required temperature is not obtained at the initial heating.
7. After attempting two times, if the level of the temperature is not in proper range, then make sure that the bottle is not heated over to 100F.
8. Without microwave, the heater pad requires to warm up between 90-100F in an hour.
9. Ahead of deadline, agitate the bottle after and prior to heating.


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Current formula is 5.7-1 QUICK FIX SYNTHETIC URINE are not planned to be used on legally monitored drug tests and needs to be performed according with state and federal laws.

Warning: this product cannot be shipped to residents of KY, IL, NC or NJ.

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